10 things to check when buying your new home

By Paul Gowers
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Buying a new home, especially if it’s your first, is an exciting time. But it is also one of our most stressful life events. The process is so complicated with lots of pitfalls to navigate, from estate agents and solicitors to mortgage and valuation experts. When you’re at the property it’s easy to let emotions overcome common sense.

  1. Noise: is there excessive noise coming from neighbours, roads or nearby uses?
  2. House Improvements:  do they have planning permission and Building Regulations approval?
  3. Schools:  where are they and what kind of OFSTED reports have they had?
  4. Floodplains:  is the house built on a floodplain or been flooded recently?
  5. Subsidence:  are there any signs of cracking on the walls or near windows?
  6. Planning Permissions:  ask if there are any approved planning permissions on neighbouring properties
  7. Access:  do you or a neighbour have to access each other’s property for any reason?
  8. Damp:  is there any evidence of damp on walls or ceilings?
  9. Roof:  does the roof look sound with no missing tiles?
  10. Heating & Wiring:  are these up to date and working?

This checklist is intended as an initial guide when viewing a property. It is not a substitute for a detailed survey conducted by an independent and qualified surveyor.

When buying a home we always advise our clients to have a survey done by an independent RICS qualified surveyor.

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