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Don't wait until you've exchanged keys to conduct a survey

Why Do I Need a Survey?

Houses are complicated and expensive things to buy. There are lots of different components and if things are going wrong…

colourful houses on a street

What can happen if you don’t get a property survey?

Buying a home is a major financial commitment and quite possibly the biggest purchase you will ever make. That’s why…

row of terrace houses with period features

Why you shouldn’t rely on a mortgage valuation alone

Have you found a property to buy and your offer has been accepted? Congratulations! You are on the road to becoming…

Crack in the wall of a home

How do I know if I need a more comprehensive Level 3 or a Historic Building Survey?

Even when buyers understand the importance of having a survey of the property they are purchasing, it can often be…

Row of characteristic English houses

What to consider when buying a historic property

Are you looking to buy a residential property and have fallen for the charms of a period home? We all…

Row of characteristic English houses

What is a Historic Building Survey?

With most firms of surveyors, the  Level 3 Survey is the most comprehensive property investigation available. However, at Gowers Surveyors,…


What to do if a survey reveals problems

As every property surveyor will tell you, a home survey can literally save you thousands. Far from being an optional…

What is structural movement

What is Structural Movement?

This issue creates the most concern. Many old buildings are showing signs of some previous movement, but the issue is…

What is Rising Damp?

Dampness in Buildings

Another thing most likely to scare off a buyer is the reporting of dampness in a survey. Many properties have…

big modern houses on a street

What is a mortgage valuation?

You’re all set to go. You’ve found your dream property and negotiated a price with the vendor.  Now the fun begins,…

big modern houses on a street

10 things to check when buying your new home

Buying a new home, especially if it’s your first, is an exciting time. But it is also one of our…

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