What is a Historic Building Survey?

By Paul Gowers
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Row of characteristic English houses

With most firms of surveyors, the  Level 3 Survey is the most comprehensive property investigation available. However, at Gowers Surveyors, we are prepared to go one step further, offering clients our Historic Building Survey.

What is a Historic Building Survey?

In our previous post, we looked at how buyers or homeowners can determine whether a more comprehensive  Level 3 Survey or Historic Building Survey is the most appropriate choice for their property.

Historic Building Surveys are specifically designed to take into account the historic nature of the building in question, providing specialist insight into the quirks of its construction that may affect its future stability. This includes a thorough look into period features, including solid walls, historic plumbing systems, thatched roofs, timber frames and evidence of dampness.

These features all have specific characteristics that will affect the structure and condition of a building, particularly as it gets older. With a Historic Building Survey, you can gain a better understanding of how to manage these as a homeowner.

How does a Historic Building Survey differ from a Level 3 Survey?

The Historic Building Survey will give you all the detail of a Level 3 Survey regarding the condition of the property but will go into much more detail about how old buildings ‘work’, how they need to ‘breathe’, previous structural movement and evidence of dampness. It will also give more detail regarding the risks and implications of owning a period property and is particularly suitable for listed buildings as it will give information about what you can and can’t do with listed properties as well as information about previous work that will have required listed building consent so your legal advisers can make sure all the proper paperwork is in place.

With a Historic Building Survey, you will be guaranteed a surveyor with experience in homes that are of a similar age, style and construction of the property you need to have investigated. Your report will include detailed observations about any defects found in the fabric of the property, and the surveyor will include specific recommendations about maintenance and repairs to keep the building a good working order for years to come.

Whether it’s an impressive country cottage or a humble Victorian terrace, if there is a period property that you would like to discuss with our experts, please get in touch. Simply send an enquiry via our contact page or call your nearest branch to speak with us directly.

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