Comprehensive Survey and Valuation Services for your home or business

I’ve found the property I want, what do I need to do next?
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A Passion For Quality

Buying a house in particular can be a stressful exercise and you need to know exactly what you are taking on, without being put off by jargon or caveats. That way, you can budget properly and proceed, fully informed, at the right price. We provide comprehensive survey reports, talking through your plans and concerns with you before the inspection and often several times after the inspection. This way we can put any issues into context so you know what needs doing and when. We aim to help you buy the house, fully informed; not try to put you off unnecessarily. We thrive on going the extra mile. We are happy to answer any questions and talk through your plans for the property, before and after the survey, and even after you have moved in.

Why do I need a survey?

Houses are complicated and expensive things to buy. There are lots of different components and if things are going wrong it can cost thousands to put them right.

Before you buy a house, which is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy, you need to know what you are taking on.

A professional survey will tell you whether there is anything that needs to be sorted out and whether you are paying the right price.

Doesn’t the mortgage company sort out a survey?

A mortgage valuation is not a survey. All responsible lenders will tell you this. It is a brief inspection to tell the lender whether it is safe to lend the money. Even if problems are found they won’t necessarily be mentioned if they don’t affect the security. Every house needs a proper survey.

Aren’t surveys expensive?

Surveys start at less than £300. Call now to book or read more…

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